How We Do It

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How We Do It

Five interdependent activities drive The Impact Factory's approach.

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Human-Centered Design

Developing and testing interventions alongside the individuals, organizations and systems facing the problems The Impact Factory aims to solve

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Systems Integration

Meeting people in places they frequent and trust by incorporating The Impact Factory's products and services into health clinics, community centers, places of worship and more

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Cross-Sector Partnerships

Identifying and leveraging the untapped resources of local leaders, agencies and the university to break down silos, increase efficiency and scale interventions

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Community Building

Sharing insights, stories and news with local, state and national audiences to mobilize a network of entrepreneurial public servants

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Rigorous Evaluation

Studying The Impact Factory's programs' scalability and impact on health and economic outcomes alongside experts at our top-tier research university

Core Values


1. Learn like a child.

Dive in, be creative, stumble and learn fast from mistakes.

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2. Listen first.

Meet everyone with respect. Anyone can change the world, and everyone has something to teach you.

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3. Bulldoze silos.

Seek cross-sector partners. Crave diversity of opinion. Tap the untapped power at the intersection of disciplines.

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4. Make every day count.

Someone needs us today. Approach the short-term with urgency.

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5. Get closer.

Empathy matters. Building relationships with the people facing the challenges we’re tackling enables smarter solutions.

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6. Saying no is OK.

Mission alignment is key, even when a new problem seems pressing. Stay focused.

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7. Embrace vulnerability.

Ask for help, have hard conversations, embrace big ideas and show up everyday with authenticity.

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8. Outcomes over outputs.

Measurable impact on health and prosperity matters more than revenues or how many ventures, publications or students.

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9. Smile more.

We do serious work. Celebrating wins, having fun and building friendships prevents burnout.

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10. Stay in the arena.

Persist, stay engaged and push forward, especially when the going gets tough. Changing the world requires resilience and time.