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The Impact Factory co-develops pilot programs, providing faculty-, staff- and student-entrepreneurs with the business expertise and partnerships they need to understand competitors and unit economics, validate markets, navigate legal entity formation, communicate value, get seed capital, integrate into health and social services systems, build effective teams, generate revenues and measure impact. We aim for financial sustainability, scale and impact on communities, systems and policies.

Young people brainstorming around a table with post-its on the wall. Credit: You X Ventures, Unsplash


The Impact Factory connects promising or evidence-based ventures to potential funding, community partners and human capital, enabling access to new markets and multiplying impact on health and economic disparities. See below for current and alumni programs.



The Impact Factory equips tomorrow's change-makers with the knowledge, skills and networks they need to create savvy, evidence-based programs tackling America's toughest problems. We offer experiential learning programs, fellowships, mentorship and formal courses to undergraduate and graduate students at The University of Texas at Austin.



The Impact Factory discovers and disseminates evidence-based best practices in civic innovation and entrepreneurship. Leveraging the expertise of our top-tier research university, we share cutting-edge data in peer-reviewed literature and lay media publications, while leading tactical workshops, advising services and relevant community events, including expert panels, for civic innovators broadly.